Hey beautiful people! I hope you are all doing well & if you not feeling too great at the moment, you are not alone! It is the current energies of the Earth right now as many of us are getting an upgrade! Yes an upgrade! just like when your phone need to shut down & go through an update – that’s basically what many of us are experiencing right now hence why the symptoms…

I know I can’t believe I just wrote that myself, but this might not resonate with everyone and that’s fine, I am only going to share what I know, what has helped me and my current struggles because I am sure it will help at least one person out there. I hope!

So I decided to integrate posts about the current energies or energy updates every now and then & that’s mainly because it has affected me personally and I know it has affected many other people right now! This is due to the heartbeat of our planet right now – also called/known as Schumann Resonance (Click on the link to read more about it).

I do not know much about this area, thus I will be linking you to other sites that I found very useful, which I believe will be able to clarify what’s going on in much details.

So let me just tell you how I’ve been feeling the past week!

Firstly, I’ve just come off my menstrual period phase, so the fatigue, being unmotivated & migraines should be gone by now but no that hasn’t been the case for me. Instead I’ve been experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Exhaustion
  • Cramps
  • Loss of appetite due to everything just tasting super weird & bland!
  • I’ve been craving carrots, beets & dragon fruit ! which I’ve been literally eating no stop the past week of sooo… I am baking those carrots btw, with the amount I’ve been eating, I wont have any teeth left by now…
  • Emotional & sensitive to everything including light & sound
  • Back pain & aches

I shared this with one of my soul sister & she also complained about how boring food is these days ! & she also pointed out that I am craving ROOT vegetables – which made us think of the Root Chakra. Few days later she messaged me and said all i want to eat is pineapple, dragon fruit & oranges!!!

Okay so where I am right now SHANGHAI, it is getting cold! and if anything we should be craving warm foods not raw fruits…

Anyways this got me thinking and researching until I came across the following posts which explained what was going on…

In Summary:

  • The Schumann/Gaia resonance has been going through crazy spikes lately and we are expecting another one on 1/11/2018 and then again on the big day 11/11/2018 = 11/11/11!!
  • Many of us are going through a an upgrade of the solar plexus which governs our digestions system, self-love, self-esteem, relationships, ego, which all are also rules by the planet Venus which is currently in Retrograde (until 16th November) ! I am sure this is by no coincidence!
  • The fact it is in retrograde it means it will make us RE-visit, RE-assess those area in our lives. Past relationships, past lovers, past lessons and what have we learnt so far.
  • Solar Plexus also related to our power center, internal power, our will, the way we view ourselves & how much control we believe we have in regards to our lives. All of which are also related with the star Sign Scorpio , which we are currently in right now until the 22 November.
  • Scorpio sign rules transformation, death, rebirth, our subconscious, this is why they say the veils are thinning right now as it is to do with the planetary positions too! it all makes sense right?!
  • To me i think we are going through activation of all three lower chakras, root, sacral & solar plexus! & this is all for the best so hang in there & any emotions that come up, deal with it then and there, don’t ignore it or repress it!

Anyways, below are some links I found extremely useful in regards to the above:

I hope you found this post useful & you were able to resonate, and that I wasn’t just talking gibberish ! ha

If you this resonated with you i would love to know, like, share & comment! & I would highly appreciate it if you follow my blog to show your support 😉

Lots of love,

Arwa X


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