Hey all, thought I would share a bit about what’s happening this month in regards to the planets & how their position might affect us all.

I will start by listing key dates then share a bit more about each one if them. This is just a general one and applies to all but of course each one of us will be affected slightly different due to our own birth chart (you start sign, moon, rising etc.) which you will have to look into yourself! sorry!! 🙂

  • Firstly, its FREAKING SCORPIO SEASON until 22/November !!! the best of all the signs right 😉 – Sun is in Scorpio!!
  • Venus is still in retrograde until 16/November
  • New Moon in Scorpio 7/November
  • Jupiter enters Sagittarius 8/November
  • Venus Retrograde Ends 16/November
  • Mercury retrograde 17/November
  • Sagittarius Season begins 22/November
  • Full moon in Gemini 23/November

So what the heck do all these transits actually mean…

  • Sun in Scorpio until 11/22

This sign is associated with sexual activity, transformation through death & rebirth, mystery & magnetism. Scorpio rules the subconscious & this is why this time of the year is known to bring light to the darkness, intuition is heightened & the veil is thinning (for some there is no veil anymore!). Also to all my beautiful Scorpios this is your season – Meaning All eyes on you these next 3 weeks, so make the most of it and ask for what you want 😉

  • Venus in retrograde until 16/November 

Venus the planet that rules love, harmony, & all matters of the heart goes retrograde meaning, these areas of our lives will be re-evaluated, re-examined and possibly questioned! What this transit will do is make us think of how we look at ourselves, especially physically as it rules vanity & therefore many might question their confidence & self-esteem. Also it will get us thinking about past relationships, exs, lovers, friends, what have we gone through the past few months & for many exs will re-appear. When it comes to relationships it is best to leave big decisions like engagement or weddings to after this transit ends (16/November). Because it is in the sign of Scorpio which rules transformation, Venus will encourage us to transform & upgrade ourselves in regrades to all kind of relationships.  For many you might meet your soul-mate, yet it is advised to not make a move until this retrograde ends 🙂

  • New Moon in Scorpio 7/November 

New moon symbolize new beginnings, fresh start! Since it is in the intense transformation powerful Sign of Scorpio, it will be noting but that, INTENSE & TRANSFORMATIONAL! So think hard and long about what you want to manifest into your life & who do you want to evolve into. Its time for a re-birth, just like the sign of Scorpio which governs death & re-birth.

  • Jupiter enters Sagittarius 8/November to the 3/December 

Jupiter the planet of abundance, luck, inspiration, growth & optimism enters its home sign Sagittarius. therefore these qualities and interests will be amplified, you will be encouraged to develop and study yourself & the world around you. You might want to travel and explore new cultures, if not during these dates, perhaps book a trip in the near future. This is the time when you are inspired to learn more & interested in new adventures.

  • Venus Retrograde Ends 16/November

Now that this transit has ended, it is encouraged to look at what thought, actions & events may have happened the past month,You will find yourself finally understanding powerful lessons about recurring relationship patterns. Karmic cycles, toxic patterns you might have been repeating but unaware of.

  • Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius 17/November to 6/December 

O God! not again! Mercury governs intellect, logic, thinking & communication. However cause its going retrograde, all of these areas will be tested. Meaning mistakes, misunderstandings & problems in communication & transportation are likely to happen. So plan but leave the action to when this retrograde end ~ 6th December!

  • Sagittarius Season begins 22/November 

Sagittarius is an optimistic sign associated with expansion, idealism, religion & philosophy.  Time to attract more money, positivity, abundance and spiritual insights into your life

  • Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon bring the shadow side, repressed emotions we have been holding. It is good to be aware of its affect & observe what comes up. & use the Full Moon’s energy to release that which no longer serves you. I’ve wrote a blog post here, on full Moon & ritual so check it out.

Also my video on how to make the most of the full moon energies:


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