“I want people to learn to not hide from their own shadow. It is our darkness that helps create us, it is our darkness that allows light to get inside in the first place… It is through our darkness we are set free to become the greatest version of who we are.

Don’t shy away from your darkness, as it will teach you the most about yourself and teach you to love and accept yourself and that is truly the key to succeeding in life. If you are aware of your shadows and strength, no one and nothing can get to you. It is thought self-awareness & self-knowledge we learn to master ourselves.”

^^^ This was a note I wrote down in my journal few weeks ago… Today I choose to share with you what is shadow work, how you can heal it, & why you should invest sometime to work on your shadow side…

So much talk about The ‘light’ – love & light, positivity, gratitude, positive affirmations, positive self-talk on and on… but what about the dark side?

Don’t you realize that the light does not exist without darkness


Don’t you realize that the dark side is nothing but a repressed side of you that is dying to be acknowledged, felt, accepted & loved?

See it, as light being consciousness and the dark being unconscious or the “shadow’ as Carl Jung referred to it.

I believe shadow work is a HUGE part of healing & even a bigger chunk of finding peace and love in ourselves.


So what exactly is our ‘shadow’ side?

Our shadow side is the repressed side of us. That which we have ignored, hid from & escaped due to society’s pressures & expectations including our friends, family & even from ourselves. Why? Because these aspects are seen as unacceptable, even if they were positive qualities!

For example, some negative & positive aspects could include being jealous, envious, lazy, disciplined, being shy, being gay & being very competitive, (just to name a few) can all become an aspect of our shadow side. Even something as innocent as being very confident can become an aspect of our shadow side. I will explain in a second…

Truth is, every single one of these traits could be seen as negative or positive depending on you upbringing.

Now lets me expand on ‘positive’ & a ‘negative’ aspect in detail & explain to you how each can become part of our shadow side.

Let’s take the example of being ‘independent’. You are whole (remember that 😉 ), born female, with great confidence level and extremely independent. Ever seen a child who just went and helped themselves to everything they wanted/needed. My niece for example, she’s only 10 and last time I was visiting, I saw this girl climb up the stool chair to get some noodles & make some for herself. Her mum & I were literally in the next room but she didn’t ask from help from neither of us. Anyways back to the example, let’s say a young girl like her was born into a family, who expected her to be obedient, quiet & dependent on a man. Now instead of this girl, growing up to be a boss lady, have her own assets, have her own life, be assertive, independent and vocal she will grow up suppressing that side because her family convinced her that, that side of her is ‘WRONG’ for a FEMALE. So in this case, part of her shadow side is confidence/independence.

Let’s take another example, this time a ‘negative’ one and flip it. Let’s say we have a child who develops anger problems in his teens. Lets ignore the fact that this is 200% likely to be a result of something going wrong at home when he was younger or even a baby. So his in school and perhaps even at home and he gets angry very easily but because we are taught anger & aggression is ‘wrong’ this poor child represses this aspect of himself instead of dealing with the real issue underneath – or i should say, he is not given the opportunity to express himself and explore the cause of his anger & aggression. In this case, you can say his shadow side is “aggressiveness”.

Even worse, many of these aspects of ourselves that we repress & ignore, sometimes manifest into something even more toxic and not only harmful for ourselves but for others. This is how we end up with narcissism, violence, child abuse & perhaps even rape! Which lets not deny are all common problem & many are being exposed lately with the #MeToo movement we see right now in Hollywood for example.

Reality is no matter how hard we try to repress it, it DOES NOT disappear.


The emptiness that we all experience at least once in our lives is nothing but a result of those rejected, ignored & repressed parts of ourselves.

But guess what your soul only wants one thing, that is to become whole again & that happens only when we acknowledge every single part of ourselves.

Which brings us to ‘shadow work’…

What is ‘shadow work’?

  1. AWARENESS – this starts by identifies those hidden parts of yourself
  2. ACKNOWLEDGE – this is part of you, there should be no shame nor guilt
  3. ACCEPTANCE – where the healing begins…

Unfortunately ‘shadow work’ is not a common practice & especially in those who focus so much on positivity.

I say Fuck that!!! only cause it is painful doesn’t mean it should be pushed aside.

It is totally up to you, to deny your true nature & numb your soul with ‘love & light’ bullshit…


Face your demons & bring yourself again to being whole. To me this is the highest form of light work.

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In love & light, in love & darkness 😉

Arwa X

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