Have you ever sensed that a loved one was in danger?

Remembered a friend you haven’t contacted in a long time & wondered if they are doing alright, out of the blue?

Perhaps you met a stranger for the first time but yet, you feel you have met them before?

Perhaps had a dream about someone, & it turned out to be true or maybe the next day they rang you out of the blue?

Or maybe you have this intense attraction to someone, but you do not know why nor are able to explain it?

If your answer to any of these is yes, then what you are experiencing is a psychic link/connection.

Psychic link, the name of the term I recently discovered which explains what has been happening to me a lot recently & I finally know what it’s called & why it happens! & I am about to share that with you today… 🙂

What is psychic link?

A psychic link is a connection between two people that transcends physical limitations. It’s a mingling of personal energy that enables individuals to communicate feelings, desires, moods, life events, health, thoughts and needs without any verbal communication or physical proximity – defying both logic and reason. In this bond, two souls are connected in a way where their energies are in sync and their emotions are interconnected.  A psychic connection can work in the same physical location or in a different location.


Reasons why someone might experience a psychic connection:

The most common reason why a psychic connection is formed is when two individuals experience intense emotions towards one another, possibly at the same time. Emotions means attachments & attachments are the gateway to psychic connections. Emotions pave the way for psychic channels to open & it enables extra-sensory perception.

Another reason such connection is formed, is if you invest a lot in someone’s well-being & care about how they are doing. For example, a common connection we all heard of is mother & her child.

Also someone who is very sensitive, intuitive, & certainly an empath are more likely to experience these connections in comparison to others.

You could also meet someone for the first time, but you are able to pick up on their thoughts & feeling easily. This is an example of a past-life connection. In this case, it is usually a connection with karma that needs to be resolved.

Who experiences psychic connection?

These are just some of the most frequent bonds that result in psychic connection between two people, but not the only ones.

  • Soulmates
  • Kindred spirits
  • Twin flames
  • Past life connections
  • Karmic connections

Not sure why you are experiencing a psychic connection, the above bonds could explain why…

Only you can know if you have a psychic connection with someone or not, trust the signs you receive & trust your instincts. Not everything has to  make sense, logic, or proof!

Below some signs that you might have a psychic connection with someone:

You do not have to necessary have them all, as I think it depends on the relationship and the reason why there is a connection in the first place. But here they are,

  1. You can sense where they are, no matter the distance
  2. You can get a sense of how they are doing even when you are not near them physically
  3. You can sense their feelings, if they are happy, sad, depressed or in pain without them telling you and even if you are miles apart.
  4. You can sense their presence
  5. You know when they are going to contact you or see you before it even happen.
  6. You can sense what they are thinking
  7. You can sense if they are in danger
  8. You know when they are hiding something or telling the truth.
  9. They cannot surprise you
  10. You can feel it when they are thinking or talking about you
  11. You are affected by their mood, more than others.
  12. You have dreams about them & you know something is going on with them without them telling you.
  13. You experience synchronicity with them, such as saying the same thing, showing up at the same place, experiencing similar life challenges, etc.
  14. You have a telepathic connection with them
  15. Powerful chemistry – ** this applies to romantic relationships

I think psychic links are beautiful connection between two people especially   romantically. But sometimes it can also be with people who we choose to let go off, e.g. exs. Yes it could be a sign that there is more & its up to you to explore that. But if you know that this person is not someone you want to be with there are ways you can release and cut the psychic connection.

Like I said powerful emotions open the gateway to these channels to open & thus form a psychic connection & by emotions this certainly includes negative emotions towards one another.

So if this is something you want to cut, research, cord cutting and/or pray to Archangel Michael and your angels to help you release them.

If you know what I am talking about here & have experienced such connection, you realize that there is no such thing as separation. Everything in this universe is made of energy, it just a matter of awareness & intentions.

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