First of all, being alone & being lonely are two separate & completely different things!

You can be alone and not feel lonely (that’s me 24/7) & you can be surrounded with all your friends & family & yet still feel lonely (me sometimes, which is why I prefer to be alone! lol)…

I just want to talk about being alone & how it can be the best thing ever if ONLY you make the most of it!

I don’t care if you are an introvert or extrovert, or an empath. Or whether you hate human and prefer animals or aliens, everyone goes through phases of being alone & if you haven’t I feel sorry for you actually! Because you’re probably distracting yourself way too hard trying to resist the process.

A process so rewarding and a huge part of every being’s transformation. A process everyone has to go through in order to progress, grow, find who they truly are and ascend.

Many people try and avoid being alone, by constantly surrounding themselves with others and if they can’t, they would distract themselves with other things. Like smoking weed, watching a lot of TV, being on social media 24/7, going to bars & clubs, having meaningless sex with people they don’t even like and so one. All just to fill the void.

Please don’t be one of those people! I’ve been guilty of it myself, but we have the choice to change that now.

& Trust me when I say that being alone is a blessing, a gift we take for granted and not appreciate until we cross to the other side, where we come back out, better, stronger, & wiser!

“The Ego hates solitude, whereas the spirit needs it…”

If you are in a currently spending a lot of time alone, & sometimes feel lonely, I want to start by reminding you of the following statements:

  1. Firstly, remember that being alone & lonely are two separate things
  2. Being alone is a choice, thus, you can always change that & find people to hang around with & distract you, if ‘what you want
  3. Realize it is only temporary! Maybe it is a phase or the season! 🙂
  4. The strongest people are those who can be alone & NOT feel lonely! 🙂
  5. & honestly, don’t be fooled by what others broadcast about their lives, as many only highlight the positive aspect & rarely anyone show their pain or suffering. Meaning there are million of people who feel lonely right now, but they rather not highlight it.

If you are currently cruising life alone, might be feeling lonely, questioning yourself, questioning if you are the only one without “friends”, you’re not alone! There are many of us out there who cannot tolerate being fake, fake people, drama, small talk & superficial relationships & more especially right now, many of us are alone because it is part of our spiritual awakening journey! It is a necessity…

Now on to reasons why being alone is a blessing & if you’re not doing these things already you better get started! because the choice is truly yours, you can be alone and be miserable, sad, feel sorry for yourself, hate the process or you can make the most of this precious time and come back transformed!

Beside sleeping as long as you want, eating what you want, doing whatever you want at any time, dressing the way you want, looking a mess without make up & giving a f*** what people care, here are 16 EXTRA great reasons why being alone is goals!! 😉

  1. You have all the time to date yourself – find out who you truly are!
  2. Find out what do you like & dislike.
  3. Find out what you want to achieve in this life & work towards them selfishly without anyone distracting you or demanding more of your time.
  4. This is the time to go inward & do the inner work
  5. Identify your strengths & master them
  6. Identify your weaknesses and accept them
  7. Find out what your life purpose is – without others’ opinions affecting you
  8. Find out what your core values are & what informs your thoughts, words & actions – because these are the things that will help you grow & develop.
  9. Learn to truly love yourself! Loving yourself without the validation of others, that’s what true self-love is.
  10. Mental freedom where your actions & thoughts are not restricted by others’ judgment, assumptions, expectation & opinions!
  11. Find out your limiting beliefs & release them
  12. Find out your fears & ask yourself why
  13. Learn to trust, accept, honor & forgive yourself
  14. Heal your traumas so you do not project them on others, friends, & the next relationship! because trust me, until you do that, every relationship you have will suffer
  15. Go for long walks, read books (blog count too 😉 listen to lectures, do whatever your soul craves, as much as it wants & for as long as it needs!
  16. This is the time you face your own demons, fears, pain, & realize that all of these are just an illusion

Do it ALL until there is nothing you are left to do, that’s where transformation can truly begin & happen…

This is True freedom! No responsibility, no restrictions & no expectations & accepting it will set you free 🙂

There will be a time you will come back & connect with the world, because this is only a transitional phase, might take even years long, but it is worth the time & you will realize this once you have made it to the other side 🙂

So stop resisting, complaining and feeling sorry for yourself & make the most of this precious time! The time is NOW.

When you begin to come into a higher knowing of yourself, when you begin to connect deeply with Truth, the need for distractions naturally start to fall away and even the will to be social or engage in the outer life is just not going to be there anymore for a while.

& Ambitions will change, friends will fall away, even what you love might fall away, & it is all for the best 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this post 🙂

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