Another post of me being super vulnerable & very open, but it is my way to share what has truly worked for me best & the best lessons are always the ones that have been experienced through life! 😉


For a long time I was afraid to shine, I was aware of my strengths & what I am capable of doing but I was afraid to share it with the world… honestly I am still working on it, right now 🙂

I thought it was my fear or failing despite believing that I never fail, I only learn lessons…

Then I thought maybe it’s my fear to shine, succeed & all eyes on me! which actually scares the shit out of me too, because if you know me you would know I hate attention!

& then I realized its neither it was my core limiting belief! Which is,


Let me share with you how I went from being afraid to SHINE to finding out that I believe I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Identifying my core limiting belief set me free & I will share with you in this post how you can do that every time you are paralyzed by an emotional block such as “Fear of Shining”!

But first let me just say that if you are also afraid to shine, I want you to know that that is for a reason (which we will identify soon)!

Secondly, I want you to know that being afraid to shine is one of the most common emotional blocks to attracting success and abundance and reaching our goals.

Now let’s identify the reasons behind this fear & how you can set yourself free from it…

Step 1. I want you to get a pen & paper & draw a vertical line in the middle of the page creating 2 columns!

Step 2. In one side I want you to write you emotional block (in my case “fear of shining”) aka hide (in my words) & the other side you would write the opposite of that statement in your words – for me that’s being “exposed”.

Step 3. I want to start with the opposite column & ask yourself why? What would happen if I was exposed?

*** this will make sense as you read the rest of this post! 🙂

Write your answer down…

Then ask what’s the purpose behind this?

Write your answer down…

Then ask what’s the purpose behind this again, or this particular emotion?

Write your answer down…

Keep asking why until you get to your limiting belief or BLOCK and you will know when you do! 🙂 & you might break down but it will be a good release… lol or maybe not, maybe its me who’s way too emotional ha!

Step 4. Now move to the other column & repeat the same thing – this time the question is, what’s the purpose of me hiding – in my case & the example I am using here is why am I afraid to shine?

Now let me share with you my answers just to give you an idea of what the heck I am talking about…

Exposed – why? What’s the purpose? Hide – why? What’s the purpose?
Help others Don’t want attention
Do something meaningful Don’t want to be judged
I will feel happy Don’t want to be questioned
I will feel worthy Its comfortable
I will be good enough! BOOM!! It’s safe
No one can hurt me! BOOM!!


Do you see what just happened there?! ^^^^^

My limiting beliefs are I will get hurt if I do & I am NOT good enough if Idare to show up!

Both things created in my mind or was as a result of a past experience… if you unsure ask yourself the following question?

  • What happened the last time you were successful or stood out?

When you identify the reasons you are blocking your success, you can use these reasons as “targets” and “tappable issues” to set yourself free by:

  1. Acknowledging the past – if this was a result of a past experience
  2. Healing from your past – FEEL and say what you need to feel & say then, NOW!!
  3. Releasing your limiting beliefs by doing the above two steps
  4. Change your story – you can’t change your past but you an change your future by the actions you take today.

Now this will not happen and change overnight but if you did the above you have at least acknowledge what has been keeping you stuck & why.

Now you are left to take the necessarily steps to set yourself free, heal & change your mindset & story 🙂

Anyways, I hope this post made sense & easy to follow! I hope you found it interesting & useful. I know doing this exercise will not necessarily set you free right away, but at least  you have acknowledge and shed light to what might have been blocking you and keeping you stuck.

Lots of love,

Arwa X


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