I already wrote a post on HOW to raise your own vibration but I didn’t go into WHY it is so soooo  important!

This is what I will do in this post 🙂

Before sharing the list of reasons,  I want to highlight a main point here, which was also what inspired me to write this post in the first place & that is:

“Unless you put conscious effort into raising our vibration, it is most likely that it is lower than it should be; this is because the modern lifestyle often supports a low vibration.”

So here we go, here are list of reasons why consciously making an effort to raise your vibration should be your priority:

  1. You will feel well & healthy
  2. You will feel & look vibrant
  3. You will be able to manifest things faster
  4. When you are around negative people or in toxic environment you will not get easily drained or affected – this especially applies to empaths
  5. You feel in charge of your own life & destiny
  6. You are more in touch with your intuition
  7. You are in touch with your higher self
  8. You will be in touch with your soul
  9. You will be able to distinguish between your mind chatter talk and your true heart desires easily
  10. You will find It easier to communicate and feel the presence of your guides & angels, as they operate at a higher frequency than we naturally do
  11. Likewise, you are less likely to attract negative spirits into your environment as you vibrate at a much higher frequency
  12. Avoid getting tired easily
  13. Avoid getting physical illness
  14. Avoid feeling lost
  15. You are more likely to get what you want out of your life, health, love & work

& here you have it, make your vibration your priority & you will slowly master your energetic signature and thus NOT be able to get affected by anything outside of you.

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Lots of love,

Arwa X

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