Hey beautiful people, today I want to talk about fear, understanding it, The steps I believe you should take to overcome it & focus on one particular fear in this post, which is fear of the unknown & uncertainty.

I am not going to tell you that the key to overcome your fear(s) is by facing it, because that bullshit doesn’t work – maybe temporarily!

What I will do is help you understand fear, Why you have fears & how you can overcome your fears. Because that’s what worked for me, understanding it – since we fear what we do not understand!

One blog post will not be able to do all the above and certainly not overnight but I will try my best to channel my best information & the right messages to get you started at least 🙂


I don’t believe fear is a bad thing, I think without fear we would never understand who we truly are. Let me tell you few things I’ve learnt about fear lately…

  • Fear is illusion
  • Fear is an awareness tool
  • Fear is our greatest friend when it comes to awareness & expansion
  • What we resist persist (fear)
  • The opposite of love is NOT hate but fear!

You cannot know love without fear, you would not know God without fear, you would not know oneness without fear.

As spiritual people, we talk about fear and the ego, as if it were evil. As if it was a bad thing. Most spiritual people are ashamed of their fear. But without fear, there would be no reason to be alive. We cannot banish and condemn fear without banishing and condemning expansion and enlightenment and love. The truth is, without fear, and without ego, we could never know who and what we really are.



Firstly let’s check the definition of Fear – there are many but here is what I resonate with the most…

Fear is the unpleasant feeling you have when you THINK that you are in danger. A fear is a THOUGHT that something unpleasant MIGHT happen or MIGHT have happened.

In other words I like to define fear as an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. There’s no true threat of immediate physical danger, no threat of a loss of someone or something dear to us, actually nothing there at all. F.E.A.R.



What causes fear?

Fear is a feeling induced by PERCEIVED danger or threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions and ultimately a change in behavior, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events



How do you overcome fear?

Become aware. This is the first & most important step. Acknowledge that you are experiencing fear, which is ^^^^

Secondly, identify what exactly are you afraid of …

Thirdly, accept it, don’t fight it, thank your precious mind for protecting you (because that’s all its doing)

Fourth, ask yourself what is the story behind those fears? a limiting belief? where does it come from?

& Lastly, Face your fears by changing your story – what you think you know!

“Your story can hold you hostage or it can set you free. You get to choose.”


Fear is not limited to one thing or one particular fear, fear can take over many different areas of our lives but what you need to understand and realize that all of those are programmed and created by our mind – I would say it is an illusion! But I don’t want to insult & annoy you and not have you like and follow my blog! 😉

But seriously it is – once you understand it.

For instance, let’s mention some of the fears many people face on daily bases, beside fear of heights, phobias, fear of the dark & fear of aging, which are all equally big threats to the individual, I do not dismiss them, but I want to focus on one particular fear today & that is ….




So let’s talk about it…

We all experience this at some point in our lives – not once or twice but many times & it’s for a reason.

Step 1. So first thing you need to do is = accept it & embrace it.

You cannot know everything about everything.

Source doesn’t even know everything about everything – it only knows everything to this point. Thus, you can’t expect yourself to know everything or even anything about the unknown. That’s cruelty and it’s also the by-product of fear.

We do not fear the unknown, we fear what we projected to the unknown.

What we fear is what we think about the unknown. You do not fear moving to another country, or starting a new job, you fear the worst possible outcome you have projected to the unknown, i.e. I will hate the new job and quit after few weeks, therefore I have failed, and therefore I now feel & experience shame.


Step 2. Ask yourself why you feel this situation? Past experience? a belief you have? is it to do with power & control?

Most of us, don’t realize this but this particular example (fearing uncertainty & the unknown) is a huge threat to the individual who is obsessed with controlling every aspect of their lives. to an extent this is wonderful, taking responsibility for our own actions & what we have manifested, but it can only go as far as this present moment, you cannot control or predict the future. You can certainly plan and envision where you want to be don’t let those plans rule your life. How many times did things actually go according to our plans? How many times things actually turned out to be much better than we planned? Which brings me to the next step


Step 3. Let go of control & Surrender

by surrendering I don’t mean cruise around life, not knowing where you heading, I believe in goals & having a destination to aim for but don’t let that take over and take you from being in the present moment.


Step 4. Have faith & believe that things happen for a reason

Believe that things happen for a reason and that this is taking you to a wonderful surprise you were not able to see never mind predict…


Step 5. Stop expecting the worse

Stop allowing the fear of the unknown rob your joy of being in the present moment & realize obsessing over predicting the unknown is a waste of time..


Step 6. Enjoy the journey

Enjoy the ride, doing the best you can do at this present moment… don’t let fear lower your vibration & instead accept the challenge and ask the universe to bring it on because you are ready! Because guess what, you will not be going through this, if you are not ready & if you cannot handle it 🙂

 “Bravery only exists in an atmosphere of fear.  People who become fearless do not become fearless by being so brave that they can defy their fear, they become fearless by directing their bravery towards their own fear with an attitude of acceptance.  Fearlessness belongs to the person who is able to embrace their fears completely.”

Anyways I will leave it here, I hope you enjoyed this post & found it helpful!

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