Hey beautiful people 🙂 Today’s post is all about Empaths & lightworkers! I’ve wrote about both seperately & shared 30 signs you could be an Empath here  & 20 Signs you are a lightworker here, so check both posts if you unsure 🙂

So lets get into today’s post…

Both are seen as healers but both are not the same, although a person can be an empath and a lightworker but an empath doesn’t necessarily have to be a lightworker and vice versa!

A little confusing? Keep reading and I’ll go through both terms, similarities & differences 🙂

An empath is someone who sense the emotions of others (including animals) or things (crystals or plants).

Whereas a lightwoker is someone who is here to uplift the planet, through healing and helping others once they have healed themselves first. All of them agreed to reincarnate for the sole purpose of this, but many of them forget who they are and why they are here.

I thought it would be easier to list the traits of each side by side in the table below:


Can sense & feel others emotions Sensitive to energies & might even be an empath
Easily overwhelmed in public & crowded places Has strong feelings about the environment & animals rights
People open up to empaths with their struggles Being aware of their own fear & those around them
Sensitive to violence or cruelty in real life & on TV Want to help resolve world’s problems & issues
Constantly fatigued & needs solitude to recharge Strongly believes that spiritual methods can heal any situation
Likely to have an addictive personality Experienced mystical experiences
Attracted to healing therapies like Reiki Attracted to the healing arts like reiki
Attracted to metaphysical things Had a harsh life that has caused their spiritual awakening & their divinity
Always seeking the truth Want to heal themselves & heal others
Doesn’t like being caged! freedom is a must Feel compelled to write teach and give back through their healing experiences
Can tell when someone is lying Feel a sense of urgency in fulfilling their life mission even before it has been fully discovered
Good listener Aware of their power of their thoughts & ability to manifest

Remember its not necessarily one or the other, you could be both 🙂

An Empath is more about energy & emotions.

Whereas, a lightworker is more about spirit and purpose.

So which one are you? or do you think you are both? Would love to know !!! 🙂

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