You guys seemed to love my last week’s post on Why loneliness is a blessing especially in a spiritual path… so i decided to post another on the topic 🙂

I am tired of people thinking that being alone means you are lonely, or weird or antisocial. For e personally, I just like my own company and to be honest I rather be alone than surround myself with people I don’t have a strong bond with! or those who can’t stand their own company so they constantly distracting themselves, something I am avoiding to do myself…

So to all those loners out there, this is for you! don’t let anyone tell you that you’re weird or lonely, or make you feel ashamed for spending so much time alone! For many of you, you probably had enough of spending time with people who are fake – might as well just spend that time doing something more productive with yourself!

X reason why it is freaking amazing to spend time alone & why you should be proud you do – assuming you are smart & going to put your alone time into good use! 😉

  1. You get to know yourself – the real you!
  2. You get to find out what’s important to you and what isn’t
  3. Thus learn the value of time & spend it wisely
  4. You no longer fall for friends, family & society expectations & pressures
  5. Thus you are able to just be you – authentic & no longer have to put a mask on when you are with others
  6. You find out answers to all the questions you have! Google is forever my 2nd best friend after myself! lol
  7. You get to expand your knowledge in areas you interested in
  8. You get to master your craft – what do you love to do or good at? Master that shit!!!
  9. You become more creative as you embrace the quietness
  10. You have time to balance ALL areas of your life: health, fitness, career, personal-development, spirituality, relationships & family
  11. You no longer waste time on meaningless conversations or friendships!
  12. You go to eat at whatever place you want to and don’t have to argue with another friend about where to go! lols
  13. You are likely to have a small tight group of friends rather than many not so great buddies! ** rolling my eyes!
  14. You learn to entertain yourself and slowly need no one to fill your void
  15. You can do whatever shit you want with your life = want to read all day? you can want to explore the city at your pace? you can want to stay home and watch movies all day? you can!
  16. You get to value & appreciate the time you spend by yourself
  17. You realize you are complete without anyone
  18. You no longer need the approval of others
  19. You learn the difference between LOVE & ATTACHMENTS!
  20. You appreciate human interactions & so when you do, it’s genuine & with twice the effort the average person puts in!
  21. You learn the difference between being alone & being lonely & most importantly when that applies to you!! 🙂

Now I am not saying we loners are better than others cause we’re strong enough to stand being alone, I am just saying that being alone and enjoying your own company first has its great benefits! I am also not telling you to cut everyone around you either, I am just saying you have to LOVE YOUR OWN COMPANY & stop distracting yourself with the nonsense!  At the end of the day, you can’t fill anyone’s cup before you fill your own 😉

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Lots of love,

Arwa X

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