Hey all, in today’s post I am going to share with you a list of things that I believe and found out to block your psychic abilities.

I’ve already shared a post on things you can do to develop your psychic abilities here, So check it out & enjoy! 🙂

So what are some of the things that block our Psychic abilities:

  1. Having a Low Vibration

Our angels & guides & many of the positive spirits out there are at a higher vibration than us and so for us be able to feel them, hear them, see them we need to reach their vibration. Check out my post on how to raise your vibration & you’r home’s vibration, here.

  1. Ingesting toxic substance, which includes cigarettes, coffee, drugs, alcohol & sugar.

Okay this one is pretty much a to do with your vibration, as these substances lower your vibration. & yes I know coffee, sugar might be one of the hardest things to quit but maybe it is what you need to reach a more heightened state of awareness. I say this from experience. I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee, but something happened last month & I cut it out, not even consciously, before I knew it I was 21 days without coffee & when I looked back at the past month I could see a clear difference! I was more in touch with my heart & soul I felt more aware & conscious & my mind was much more clearer. I still can’t believe I am not drinking coffee anymore, I never wanted to quit it but it happened… I also found this article really interesting in regards to how consuming coffee affects our vibration:

However I do want you to know that you can still be psychic while drinking coffee, it just might be interesting to experiment and see how you feel without it. All these tips will depend on the individual, it will not all have the same affect on all of us – you have to experiment & use your body & senses as a guide 🙂

  1. Ingesting toxic foods, & to me by toxic I am talking too much processed food, DAIRY & GLUTEN!

Now I am not going to preach about how dairy & gluten are so bad for us, physically, mentally, emotionally, just do your own research! They all decalcify our pineal gland aka 3rd eye!

  1. Gossiping about others & creating drama

Simply dims our vibration too

  1. Allowing negativity to consume you

This includes negative self talk, watching too much violence & crime shows, the news of course & just simply being around people who are negative! which bring me to the next one..

  1. Parasites

If you know you have them in your body get rid of that crap, but by parasites here I am talking about people! Those who drain your energy & do nothing but make you feel worse. Unfortunately this could include family members & “friends”. If you are not sure, you can find out by simple asking yourself & observing how you feel after you have interacted with that person. I know we can’t just cut some people at times, but by you just being aware of it and at least trying to limit how much time you spend with them will help 😉

  1. Allowing your ego to take over

Ego has many different forms, but in here I am talking about wanting to heighten your psychic abilities to brag about it or to make yourself feel better & POWERFUL in comparison to others.

  1. Negative intentions

Having the intention to abuse your power, i.e. spy on others is definitely a NO NO! you won’t succeed anyways, so stop wasting your time!

  1. Not creating a sacred space for your practice.

This includes making the space, time, effort & intentions when you do any psychic work. These are things you do naturally if you respected your work, so start showing your art some respect please! 😉

  1. Not setting boundaries for yourself & others.

Make sure when you do your work & especially for others, you do it because you want to help them not because you want to show off or prove yourself. Make sure you do work you know yourself are capable of doing & if someone asks you to do something you haven’t mastered yet, tell them and be honest about it. Likewise don’t overwork yourself trying to help or please all who ask you for help, it will affect your work.

So here you have it guys, I hope you enjoyed this post & found it helpful 🙂

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Lots of love,

Arwa X

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