Hey all! today’s posts is another mindset one & something I am working on myself! we can’t make any moves forward unless our mindset is in the right place! so here are my rules for success & what I found to work for myself, Enjoy! 🙂

  • Set a Vision

Know what you want -Don’t just cruise around life! Have a destination to at least aim for! its okay to change your mind or realize this path isn’t right for you, but for you to be able to move forward & test that path you will need to set yourself a goal/vision/aim whatever you want to call it! 🙂

  • Write your Whys

Identifying your whys will firstly, help you realize whether this goal is right for you or not! It will also be your motivation in times of weakness… This is so so important! we all have our bad days and the last thing we sometimes need is a list of goals we set ourselves to do, but if we instead remind ourselves of why we are pursing this goal in the first place, it won’t feel like a burden 🙂

  • Identify your Strengths & Weaknesses

Realize what you gift(s) are! We all have at least one thing we can give and share with the world. what is yours? I like the idea of mastering our strengths  instead of focusing on improving our weaknesses! stop chasing perfection & instead work on what you have!! 🙂 which bring me to the next point…

  • Work on your Gift (strengths)

Instead of focusing on improving your weaknesses. I think this is crucial! I spent years trying to work and improve my weaknesses! trying to become the full package aka PERFECT! Realize there is no such thing, instead focus on your strength & PERFECT that instead 🙂


This will set you free! this is crucial if you want to move forward & make a difference … you need to love yourself so you can work on improving, learning, doing, achieving… loving your flaws & identify your weakness will make you indestructible by others. Once you know yourself inside out, no one can wrong you!

  • Realize that the only THING/PERSON stopping you is only YOU!

NO EXCUSES! The only excuse(s) you have is the ones you are creating in your mind.

  • Identify your core values

Very important, why? Because Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions. Our values are important because they help us to grow and develop. The decisions we make are a reflection of our values and beliefs, and they are always directed towards a specific purpose.

  • Learn the lesson of Karma!

Realize that no matter how good or bad your current situation is, it is the result of your actions and/or thoughts of yesterday. Therefore take responsibility of that & cut the victim mentality out.

  • Keep learning

There is no end to education! There is always something we can learn EVERY SINGLE DAY! Strive for growth & progression every day.

A wise man never knows all; only a fool knows everything ….

  • Stay Humble

Love yourself! Be confident, be proud of your journey but never forget who you were when you first started…. in other words, don’t look down on anyone! believe everyone is doing their best at this moment.

  • Don’t fear failure

Fearing failure will only stop you from living as it is the only way we learn & grow…. instead fear, fear in itself! As it will keep you stuck, comfortable & caged!

  • Have boundaries

Set some & make sure you make it clear to people – because we get what we tolerate!

  • Remind yourself of your goals and visions EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Vision boards, morning routine, sticky notes…. whatever it takes to remind yourself why you’re doing what your doing!

  • Commitment

Before committing to anyone make sure you are have committed to yourself first! for a long time I was just doing GOOD and making slow progress if lucky! Until I decided I can’t be half in half out! I wouldn’t do that to someone I am dating so why am I doing it to myself?! ** Self-worth alert!

& lastly…

  • Take actions

Words, plans, visions, dreams will not get you there, your actions will….

& here you have it ! I hope you enjoyed this list 🙂

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Lots of love,

Arwa X

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