Hey beautiful people 🙂 I came across this few weeks ago & I thought it was interesting & worth sharing with you since, I’ve been writing a lot about psychic abilities …

This post is about common stages many psychics go through in their journey, which often starts way before they realize they are psychic…  So here it is, & these do not have to be in this particular order & certainly do not ALL have to be applied! 🙂

  1. Life crisis

Not the most fun part of the journey, but I think it’s crucial. Without pain & suffering we wouldn’t learn & grow, what’s the point of life then? Now that I have went through my fair share of big downs! I am so grateful for it all, today I see it & depression as means of transformation. All these ‘negative’ things are happening to us for a reason, & often don’t realize that a loss or disappointment, divorce, health problems can actually be a big part of our lesson in this path. It’s painful when you are in it, but when you look back, it’s beautiful how the dots are beautifully connected 🙂

  1. Heightened Awareness

You might start to see number synchronicities, hear sounds, see shadows, see other spirits, get glimpses of the spiritual realm and not understand what’s going. even worse you might doubt yourself & think you’re crazy. You’re not 🙂

  1. Hyper sensitivity

You start to become more sensitive to energies, people, environment, news, violence, & might even find yourself to be an empath. Not sure what that is, check it out here, where I shared 30 signs of being an empath – or watch the video below

  1. Researching

This is when you listen to your instincts & decide to Google what the hell is happening with you! you open the door for information to come to you & your fear of the unknown slowly diminishes. Once you start no going back, you will find answers to life’s questions & things will make sense, some might shock you.

  1. Feeling Isolated

Once you open the door to the unknown and find out many of the things about the reality of our universe, you might feel depressed, lonely, isolated & misunderstood. You are trying to comprehend it all, but also trying to re-build yourself. You try to share it with your friends & family but you fear being judged & misunderstood or called crazy! so you might keep it up to yourself until you process all yourself.

  1. Doubting yourself

You feel alone, so you start doubting yourself, you haven’t found your tribe, people you can connect with, a community where you know you are not insane or alone when you are with.  so doubt creeps in. you question yourself, you question everything?

  1. Wanting to be alone

Time to focus on yourself, time to digest things you’ve discovered, time to just get in touch with your soul. Reflection & introspection. you make the shift of focusing so much on others & what they might think about you to yourself & what you WANT!

  1. Feeling Abandoned

You isolated yourself & discovered your ‘reality’ was nothing more than an illusion. so you may start to go through depression & deep sadness – but trust me this is the best part! This is when the real transformation begins & happens…

You start to shed the old you, you might even lose people around you, which is also for the best! so hang in there! 🙂

  1. Realizing your current job is not you

You start to find out the real you, you realize who you were was just a façade, a mask, due to society conditioning, perhaps family pressure & expectations. you start to discover & learn more and more about yourself & how your experiences have affected your perception.

  1. Starting to stand up for yourself

As you slowly realize who you really are, your confidence slowly increases & you are able to stand up for yourself & what you believe in.

One of the best phases for sure!! You have passed & survived the darkness, which is inevitable if you want to see the light at the end of the tunnel 😉

  1. Increased ability

Yay!! Another great stage which will definitely add to your confidence 🙂 you realize you have psychic powers, you might not be totally aware nor mastered it but the door has been open & now you know you can do this. This is you.

  1. Detox

This can happen anytime in this journey, sometimes it is what sparks the start of this process or it could be something you end up doing towards the end as you become more conscious. but it is a necessary step, you notice & become so sensitive to how food affects you and you begin to remove toxin from your diet & environment & start to focus more on consuming high vibrational foods.

This could also happen naturally, where your body simply starts to want less meat, dairy, and more vegetables & fruits. Clearing your body of toxins is really important when it comes to psychic and energetic work. When they body is clean, you are more able to channel higher energies. One of my favorite & I believe to be the most powerful ways to detox is by fasting – water fasting!

Toxins includes: dairy, meat, gluten, smoking, drugs, too much processed foods & sugar, & unfortunately coffee!!

You will definitely also cut people out of your life & outgrow friendships that no longer serves you.

  1. Wanting to help everyone

These might sound great! But this is a test for you & how true you are to yourself. Realize that helping others is NOT your job nor mission in life! This is only the case, if someone has asked for your help.  This also includes family members & loved ones & friends. You can explain, teach people, or convince them about what you know, but people truly learn from their own experience. so stop wasting your time.

I have to admit, this is actually the most difficult part for me to do! I want to go around and share my knowledge, heal and help everyone – but all its doing is 1) taking away my energy, 2) wasting my time 3) pushing some people away 4) & sometimes distract me from my own problems, which many of us do subconsciously.

This also hit me few days ago, when I read a quote that said “ stop trying to save & help everyone around you, as you might be interfering with their own karma”!! BOOM.

This was definitely a message from my guides telling me, to stop & take my power back! lol

  1. Know it all

You get to a point where you feel you’ve done enough work on yourself & ready to share it. you are confident & proud of your progress. You finally know who you are and what you are suppose to do. Maybe not 100% sure, but you at least have a great understanding of yourself & your journey so far 🙂

  1. Clearing & releasing

Emotions might be all over the place, a lot of crying, a lot of purging that comes out in different forms. This is in regards to things you might have not dealt with yet, things you might have ignored in your life, but the universe won’t allow you to do so, so something will stir your pot & finally all that built up shit inside of you will come out.

Nobody wants to be with someone full of shit! so start the shedding & dive deep inward – pour your heart out & let it speak to you.

A lot of people in this phase will mistakenly think it is due to their external environment, work, family, friends, your boss but in reality none of these things make us truly happy, thus none of these things are the cause of our misery!! 🙂

This process might take a while, & to be honest I think it will ongoing. you might go several clearing phases in your life, which is all normal.

  1. Breakthrough

Now that you have existed the matrix, find out the truth, discovered who you are, the universe slapped you a couple times and humbled you. Congratulations, you made it – you’ve passed the test!! you are allowed to celebrate 🙂

  1. Power

You gain power & full control of your psychic abilities. You master your craft & know your work & yourself inside out. You see the full picture & understand your journey so far & the struggles that happened to you.

It will definitely take time, & everyone is different, some might take few months, others might need years but you will get there with dedication, practice & faith. So keep it up & stay positive because there are not storms without sunshine 😉

I’ll leave it here, I hope you guys found this post interesting & helpful! If so, please do like, share & follow my blog to get notified of when I post next.

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Lots of love,

Arwa X

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  1. Yes, these are the signs to the T and the one I’ve been having most trouble with is #3 Hyper sensitivity. Spirit has told me to work with Aquamarine to protect my aura from all the outside influences and it’s helped so far but boy is this hard!!!!

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