Hey all! You guys seemed to love last month’s post on November energies so I decided why not make one each month!

Before going into what the planets have in store for us, I want to share how I am feeling about this month & wonder if anyone else feels the same?

Okay so I feel like this month is about wrapping up things, I have a feeling like many people including myself will be reflecting on the past year & looking at the lessons & achievements we have made the past 11 months. I really do believe the past year has not been easy for many people but I also know that’s for the best, we needed to be pushed & maybe slapped by the universe to wake up to the reality we live in!

For me this month I am going to TRY MY BEST to focus on my health, mind body & spirit, self-care & practice self-love daily! Honestly right now I feel like keeping myself in and just spend time with myself (as if I don’t do that all the time!) lol but no seriously, I can’t deal with people right now & I just want to start the year fresh instead of waiting for the year to start, to start fresh! if that makes sense… I also sense that, this is a theme with many people too! Not many are waiting for January 1st to start their New year’s resolutions or in better words get started with things they realize they need to start doing right now.

Anyhow, let’s get into what’s happening this month 🙂

  • 1st December – Mercury in Scorpio
  • 2nd December – Venus in Scorpio
  • 6th December – Mercury will go direct
  • 7th December – New moon in Sagittarius
  • 22 December – Full moon in Cancer

1st December – Mercury in Scorpio = between the 1st & the 12th of December, Mercury will be in the sign of Scorpio. The month will start on a reflective note & introspection for many people. Scorpio is the sign of the underworld & secrets & mercury rules communication, therefore you may find yourself direct & to the point during this period too. Nothing to be afraid of but something to be aware of – so be careful not to be offensive or insensitive to others. Also since Scorpios are naturally intuitive & rule the unconscious, you may find your intuitive abilities are stronger during this time & you might find profound insights about people & events.


2nd December – Venus in Scorpio = this will take place between the 2nd of December & 7th of January, & might ignite an unconscious renewal for many people. Venus is the planet of love & Scorpios are emotional, intense, passionate & possessive when it comes to love. The two together will bring intensity into our connection, possibly making us a lot more emotional during this time. Since we recently had the Venus in retrograde in Scorpio, any issues that came up then might resurface again during this time.


6th December – Mercury will go direct = yay!! Mercury is not in retrograde anymore, you have no excuse to make that phone call now or to book that flight!! 😉 Green light is back on.


7th December – New moon in Sagittarius = after Venus retrograde, intense Scorpio season & mercury retrograde to add to all the confusion! We have a beautiful New moon in the sign of Sagittarius. For me a New moon is always an happy positive time to start all over & give yourself a fresh start. With this full moon being in Sagittarius, you are more likely to want to take on an adventure, book a holiday, more into a new direction & exploring cause that’s what Sagittarius season is all about!! Also start writing down what you want to manifest into your life & set an intention to the universe. If you never done a new moon ritual before, check out my video below & blog posts here, to read all about it.


22 December – Full moon in Cancer = well well well! the full moon always brings the hidden to surface, & this month is a full moon in cancer so expect emotions to run high!! Cancerians the most emotional signs of all, but also the most nurturing signs & love to take care of everyone. & what a nice thing to do at this time of the year, if you are with loved one, make sure to make the most of the energies but do not neglect yourself. Remember you canNOT pour from an empty cup 🙂

Also Full Moon bring the shadow side, repressed emotions we have been holding. It is good to be aware of its affect & observe what comes up. & use the Full Moon’s energy to release that which no longer serves you. I’ve wrote a blog post here, on full Moon & ritual so check it out.

& here you have it, hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a wonderful December & I wish you a wonderful holiday season whether you are alone or with family… I’ll be alone but not lonely! So don’t feel sorry for me! 😉

Lots of love,

Arwa X

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