Hey all!! as the title states, today’s post is on 24 signs you are embodying your Higher Self (HS).

But firstly, what is your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is best described as eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one’s real self.

Your higher self is the real you, the soul consciousness that is so, so much more than the physical form you know so well.

Your higher self is the you that is unlimited and eternal. It’s the part of you that excites you with inspiration, guides you with intuition and teaches you through insight

Now lets get into the 24 signs that you are embodying your higher self:

  1. Unplugged from the matrix

You become aware of the matrix & realize we live in a multidimensional matrix! you become aware of the hidden agenda of those who want to control the planet & no longer fall for the trap & their subliminal messages. You have had enough of the mindless consumerism & the strategies they use to make you not feel enough.


  1. DNA activation

You have had a kundalini awakening or also known as DNA activation, which is the key to ascension & embodying your higher self. I’ve wrote a blog post about on kundalini awakening symptoms, here, check it out.


  1. Expressing your emotions

You are no longer suppressing your emotions, instead you are embracing them & allowing them to flow through you.


  1. Synchronicities

you experience synchronicities and are very aware of the messages & signs the niverse are sending you.


  1. Extra Sensory perception

Your intuition is developing rapidly & you are able to access to information & wisdom through your senses. Some of these could include clairvoyance, clairaudience abilities, out of body experiences & lucid dreaming.


  1. Powerful manifestations

You realize that your thoughts become your reality. So much that literally whatever you think about usually manifest. you realize your power & the power of your thoughts & intentions. As a result you also become a much faster manifester!


  1. Realize how powerful you are

With all the above happening, you realize your powerful & you take responsibility for your reality, happiness, relationships & where you are in life. You no longer see yourself or others as a victim, thus take full charge of your healing & evolutionary process.


  1. You know you have a soul mission & you know what it is

You realize you are here for a purpose, maybe you knew all along, but now you are sure. In fact, you might find out what your soul mission in this life time is with your intuition and sense being turned on as you embody your higher self.


  1. You understand what it means to be connected to everything around you

“We are all connected” saying makes sense to you now & you start saying it! Something you might not be able to explain to others but you know what it means.


  1. Healing powers

With you taking in your powers, you might get into healing modalities, like reiki, soul retrieval or other energy   work that deal with manipulating energy to remove & clear blockages.


  1. Transcending your shadow self

You become aware of your own shadows & you embrace it. you don’t try to change them but integrate them & accept them. They made you, you! You now use that to transcend into becoming more aligned with your higher self.


  1. Rapid changes as your frequency rise

as your frequency changes, & for many this is happening rapidly, people & things start to fall out of your holographic reality as you evolve into becoming your best version. you are always attracting new people, new places, new things & events into your life in line with your higher self.


  1. No more guilt or shame

Two of the most lowest frequencies & energetic blockages in humanity! but unfortunately we all have them. There are the root of all disease & toxicity in our lives. part of shadow work that has to be cleared & released.


      14. Honest with yourself & others

You are no longer afraid to say no to others. You are aware when you are doing things because you want to or because you want to please others.


    15. You view everyone as equal

No more putting others on a pedestal. You are your own teacher & guru, others are just a reflection of your own unlimited potential. You realize you are the master of your own reality.


    16. Harmonious relationships

Especially family relationships! you no longer get triggered by them & spending time with them doesn’t drive you insane! you have cleared the cords of attachments & karmic ties with them & accept them for who they are. You accept you cannot change them, instead you love them for the way they are & realize without them you wouldn’t have gone through the journey you’ve been on – & that includes all the pain they caused.


     17. In touch with your higher self

You start to make decisions that are in line with your higher self.


     18. Unconditional self-love

as you learn to love yourself, you no longer feel the need to extract love from others. you are the infinite source of your own love.


     19. Meeting your tribe

As you walk your path, heal, work on yourself & embody your higher self, you meet the right people who you were seeking all along.


    20. Meeting your soul mate or Twin flame

How can you not after all the above 🙂 & if you haven’t trust that you will, the universe is working with you not against you.


   21.Overflowing gratitude

Grateful for everything! Even the struggles, the pain, the people who wronged you! how can you not be? have you seen how far you have become 😉


   22. Inner & outer abundance

as you embody a state o inner abundance through self love & self care, that gets reflected to your outer reality.


    23. You find the humor In everything

You don’t take life or yourself too seriously! & when you do, you see find the humor in it! lol


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