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Hey all! 🙂

I thought I would create a post to address very common questions & personally things I have researched at the start of my Yoni Egg journey…

So here you have it, if there is anything else you want me to answer please ask away in the comment section at the bottom of the page 🙂

Why Use Yoni eggs?

One of the main reasons to practice with a Yoni Egg is to get more in touch with your own beautiful body, and ultimately with yourself… That means learning to trust your intuition. Check out the list of benefits here.

Are they safe?

Yoni eggs are made for your Yoni! these are not your typical crystals that contain pores. Yoni eggs are made to ensure that they do not release or emit any chemicals to be released into your yoni. These stones have been used for thousands of years and their safety and healing benefits are time tested. Of course there are fake Yoni eggs out there which you have to watch out for & make sure you know your seller & where these eggs come from! but the practice itself is SAFE! 🙂

Which Yoni Egg is right for me?

That totally depends on you and your own needs. So ask yourself what are you looking for? even better, which one are you attracted to the most… I truly believe that our intuition will guide us to the one we NEED the most.

If you still need help with choosing one, ask yourself what are you looking to gain from using your yoni egg. Are you looking to enhance sexual pleasure, ease menstrual pain, replenish energy, gain self-love & confidence, heal past traumas and/or prepare for motherhood. List them all then check out each stone and their specific benefits but also know that they ALL have plenty of benefits in common! Chick out some of the general benefits of using a Yoni egg, here.

  1. For Black obsidian, click here.
  2. For Rose Quartz, click here.
  3. For Amethyst, click here.

What stone to start with?

See above but also I believe that you should go with the stone you are attracted to the most. I believe our intuition knows what our body need best! But also i want you to be aware of the few things …


Eggs to look out for because of their naturally toxic mineral contents are:

If you are unsure about a Yoni Egg’s safety, first look up its mineral content and then look up whether the minerals are safe to consume in your body. If they aren’t safe, do not take the risk!

Which size shall I buy?

They come in 3 sizes, large medium & small – usually starting with large and go down as you gain more control of your Yoni muscles. However if you suffer from vaginal tightness & tend to tense up you might be more suitable for medium or even a small. (the size of the Yoni egg is not a reflection of your shape or size!). I personally started with the medium.

Shall I buy drilled or undrilled?

They come undrilled & drilled so you can use a string to pull out (in case you want to use a string to pull it out & you know your crazy self might get stressed out or anxious thinking its lost/stuck even though it will NEVER EVER get stuck or lost!)

The choice is really up to you, which one you feel more comfortable with, the last thing you want is to buy one & be stressed about it 24/7! You can always start with a drilled one and not use a string after you get comfortable & confident using you Yoni egg. Just make sure with a drilled on you are cleaning it properly & make sure nothing is stuck through. HOWEVER, please DO NOT use a drilled one if you have an IUD inserted. Just in case things go wrong!!

But here are why I would suggest the undrilled one!!

What kind of string should i use if i buy a drilled one?

Hemp string organic or unwaxed dental floss.

How to know if its real?

Make sure you are buying from a reputable seller! Ask them about their stones, where they made, how & if they were tested. If you still unsure you can always take your egg to a crystal shop & ask them to check it for you!

If you are buying them from me, DO NOT WORRY! mine are checked & i have my certificates if you want to see them, I use these eggs myself. Also, i wouldn’t risk anyone’s health nor my reputation for selling fake YONI EGGS. These crystals are not the kind that you wear externally, these are to be inserted internally! & so its EXTREMELY risky for me as a seller to sell something that I have not checked & certified. 

How long should it stay?

There is NO shoulds! You can put it as long as you want & for as short as you want. I believe that the stone will come out whenever its done its work. So don’t panic it CAN NOT get stuck nor lost. I have done the research & saw some say only insert it for 30mins to few hours, I don’t personally agree with that. Use your intuition & talk to your vagina – its your best friend here!

The only rule there is – is to not use it during your period. Give your body the space to just flow & do its thing…

How long until you see its effects?

It honestly depends on the individual, the stone & what exactly are you looking to improve! For me personally I noticed a difference in A WEEK!!!  However I would suggest that you keep a journal of how you feel, as sometimes we do not notice the changes until we look back.


I personally journalled every time i started using a different type of egg, I started with listing my intentions & what i want the egg to help me with & perhaps some of the things i am struggling with at the time. I then continue to journal & it always amazes me, when i look at my intentions at the start & months or even weeks later.

How long should you work with one stone?

As long as you want. There are honestly no rules, just listen to what your body needs. The only rule there is – is to not use it during your moontime. Give your body the space to just flow & do its thing…

How do I insert my egg?

RELAX RELAX RELAX firstly… then either lay on your back or in squatting position. Bigger side first – but honestly i do not think it matters as it will move & turn!

I suggest  you make the time and space for few minutes to get your body ready, warmed up & in the zone! Warm up your crystal using your hands, touch yourself and think of the intentions you have for using this specific egg. Talk to your egg & ask it to help you with whatever you are seeking. You could even sit down and write a list of intentions on your journal, according to the type of egg you are using. Then insert it slowly & gently. If you need a lubricant use coconut oil BUT stay away from other harmful chemicals.

How do I clean my eggs?

Make sure you clean it energetically using sage & also physically by soaking it in warm water (NOT BOILING WATER) & sea salt  or essential oil for 15-20 minute (then rinse it).

What do I do if it falls off?

You have couple of options:

  1. Perhaps you need to get a larger stone.
  2. Use it during your sleep, you are lying down and the chances of it falling out is tiny! This is how most people start using it (at night).
  3. If you want to use it during the day, & struggling to keep it in, you could start with setting yourself few minutes or hours a day where you aim to be aware & engage your Yoni muscles to hold it. Like a Yoni meditation & work your way up to more hours. This is probably a method for women who are looking to work tighten or engage their yoni muscles, or women how have given birth.

When should I wear my yoni eggs?

Whenever you want!  The only time it is NOT recommended to use is during your moon time! But usually women use it during the night, so it can do its magic while you are asleep.

I personally like to use it during the day, I will switch to another type, of egg, perhaps use an amethyst during my morning ritual, meditation, when i do reiki on people. Due to its benefits of helping people open their crown & 3rd eye chakra. Making you more intuitive & psychic. Rose quartz when i am not feeling so good about myself, working on loving & being more forgiving & compassionate towards me!

How to charge them?

If you already own crystals you will probably know the answer to this. Its the same way you treat all other crystals, they need to be charged up, every now and then. You have different ways of doing this:

  1. Expose them to sunlight or moon light
  2. Moonlight is most powerful in a full moon night (this is when i charge all my crystals & tools)
  3. Using other crystals – quartz and bigger stones can charge each other
  4. You visualizing & setting intentions
  5. Using reiki if you have done reiki training
  6. Sage
  7. Soak them in sea salt water – not table salt!

Myths – here are some myths & things I don’t agree with that I read in the internet

  1. You should start with a LARGE & work your way down – not necessarily!
  2. You should NOT start with black obsidian as it is too intense.
  3. You should not leave you Yoni egg for more than a day! – I know someone who had it one for a week & they are fine! I personally had mine inside of me for almost 24hours the 1st night i used my black obsidian. I knew my body needed it.
  4. Yoni Eggs will heal you. They won’t heal no shit, they will just show you, it’s a tool not a magic ball! You will heal you! 🙂

& here you have it, I hope this page was helpful & It helped cleared any questions and/or confusion. If you have any questions about them, please share in the comment section below.

Have a beautiful day everyone,

Arwa – Reiki Master Practitioner, Cert. Natural Healer. Psychology Graduate, Holistic Nutritional Therapist, Card Reader & Blogger.


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