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Introduction To Yoni Eggs


Firstly, What the heck is a Yoni…

In case you don’t already know…

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia and means “sacred space”. Its symbol has been worshiped in Eastern culture since ancient times for bestowing life, creativity and love.

What are Yoni Eggs?

Yoni eggs are gemstones carved especially for female Yoni. Yes these eggs are made to be inserted into the vagina! Most people would think these are made to strenghten the vaginal muscles & make you tighter – which is TRUE but the benefits of these precious gemstones are actually endless!

So many different types & usually 3 different sizes


Here are infinite reasons to why you need a Yoni egg in your life! These benefits include overall health & well-being, healing, manifestation, journeying into motherhood, reduce PMS & womb clearing just to name a few.

*** These are general benefits of using Yoni eggs but depending on which stone (rose quartz, opal, agate, black obsidian, amethyst etc.) you get the benefits that are more specific to that stone & its properties.

However these are general benefits with using Yoni eggs…

  1. Improve overall health and well-being – how? keep reading …
  2. increases blood flow to your pelvic organs and helps move stagnant energy.
  3. Get to know your own body inside out !
  4. Gain self love & thus gain self-confidence
  5. Increase your sexual energy
  6.  Increasing awareness and appreciation of your yoni
  7. Awakening your creative energy, passion and libido,
  8. Becoming A LOT more orgasmic & awaken that inner goddess!
  9. Harmonizing your emotions and healing your relationship to intimacy and sexuality,
  10. Reducing PMS, menstrual cramps, breast discomfort,
  11. Reducing menopausal symptoms, by increasing vaginal lubrication and balancing estrogen levels,
  12. Overcoming traumatic experiences of sexual abuse
  13. Overcome traumatic any & all experiences in general.. women store EVERYTHING in their wombs (Going to write a post on this topic soon!)
  14. Increase blood circulation and treat circulatory system
  15. Rejuvenate reproductive system
  16. Improves the flow of Kundalini life force energy
  17. Balances hormones by bringing fresh blood flow to pelvic region
  18. Increase libido and awaken your sensuality.
  19. Increase natural lubrication
  20. Develop an intimate and loving relationship with your yoni, your entire body, and ultimately yourself.
  21. Increase sensitivity during intercourse.
  22. Some moms use yoni eggs to assist in after birth recovery.
  23. Gain control over the vaginal muscles
  24. Enhance your Tantra, Qigong, and yoga practice.
  25. Help you in easier vaginal child birth in the future – as you will learn how to control your vaginal muscles (but do not use them while pregnant)
  26. Research has shown that a toned pelvic floor may reduce the likelihood of complications during pregnancy, ease labor pain, and prevent common postpartum issues such as incontinence, vaginal prolapse, and uterine misalignment.
  27. Whether it be from miscarriage, disease, abortion or sexual abuse, Yoni Gems work as little energy healers to help women transform stored trauma and spiritually renew their womb space and hearts.

Simply put… 

“The Yoni Egg isn’t just an exquisite accessory that will add charm to your night stand. It isn’t just a great tool for vaginal exercises, or a way to maintain health, have better orgasms and more fulfilling sex. The Yoni Egg is an ancient, sacred tool for spiritual transformation.”

Crystal Healing

All gemstones carry a distinct frequency with unique energetic properties. Click on each to find out about the following Yoni eggs (these are the ones I am selling right now):


The long history of Yoni egg dates back from Ancient China where it was a sacred and secret kept skill a knowledge only available to members of the royal family and up until recently – to select Taoist practitioners. This beautiful practice is estimated to be 5,000 years old. Eggs carved out of jade were used by empresses and concubines of the royal palace in China to access sexual power, awaken sensuality and maintain amazing health into their old age.

Historically, the sexual organs of women were venerated and regarded as the central haven of health, power, wealth and youth. To have a Yoni is a reason to celebrate!  The female womb is the center of health, vitality as well as sexuality. To have a deep and intimate connection with your womb is, therefore, a top priority. Every human being has roots in the womb of the feminine, making the womb the logical domain for a woman’s source of creative power. To give birth through the power of the womb is unique to women, and eloquently describes this sacred manifesting source within you that waits to be tapped.  So what are you waiting for, activate and claim your womb power and experience the power of your yoni to birth new ideas, projects and businesses by starting you Yoni Egg Journey.

In case you are worried if these are safe & healthy, I want you to know that these stones have been used for thousands of years and their safety and healing benefits are time tested.

Have a beautiful day everyone,

Arwa Ali


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