Hey all, this post is an introduction to Human design, ‘A key to know oneself.’ Your Blueprint and a map to your authentic self.

What this post will cover

  • What is Human design?
  • History
  • What exactly can Human design tell you, about yourself?
  • The complexity of Human Design
  • Ordering a Report from me


So let’s get right into it…

What is Human Design?

Human design a system that generates a body graph for each individual based on their date of birth, time & place. This graph is literally the map of your authentic self & the blueprint of your life.

An example of Human Design Chart

In this chart lots information is generated about the individual about who they are, why they are the way they are, through understanding the individual’s energies and traits. The system uses ancestral knowledge including Judaic Kabbalah, Easter & western Astrology, The Hindu Chakra system, Quantum physics & the Chinese I’Ching.

Understanding your human design can also help you prevent many serious health issues. We are all susceptible to burnout, however some types are more prone than others & understanding your human design will help you channel your energies into the right places for you!


In brief, human design was channeled on the island of Ibiza in 1987, over an 8 day period by a Canadian man, known as Ra Uru Hu. Through this information he was able to create a system, Human Design, & began teaching it to others. This information reached thousands of people around the world over the past years & in 2000, a PhD study was conducted based on 30,000 cases that proved the creditability & reliability of Human Design (you can find this in Unified Life Science).


What exactly can Human design tell you?

Just to be clear this will not tell you your future, but here are just SOME of the benefits of getting your chart interpreted…

  • Help you understand yourself better, your personality, behavior and way of thinking
  • Why you do the things you do & your way of thinking
  • How your type affects your interaction with people
  • How to make better decisions
  • How to best use your energy
  • What your strengths & weaknesses are
  • Where your potential lies
  • Potential to awaken your inner wisdom & power
  • What kind of role are you meant to play in THIS life
  • How your decision making authority leads you to the right people, places & experiences
  • What aspects of your character you need to be aware of in social situations

Just to name a few ….

The complexity of Human Design

Human design is a profound tool in understanding ourselves and others, it is undeniably accurate, however it is also incredibly complex & difficult to interpret for most people who see it for the first time. Which is why I decided to offer a service where I will help you interpret your chart and provide you with all the important information you need to know about yourself in exchange for your date of birth, time & place! J

Just to give you an idea of how complex human design can get – See the chart above as an example of what you would get when your details are entered in the system.

From the graph you will be able to identify:

  1. Your Type – there are 5 types (Read about them here)
  2. Your Strategy – there are 5, one for each type
  3. Your Conditioning/”Not-self” Theme based on your type
  4. Your Definition – there are 5 (Read about them here)
  5. Your personality profile – there are 12 profiles (Read about them here)
  6. Your Authority
  7. 9 Energy centers – Whether they are defined or open
  8. 64 Gates – representing a specific personality theme

*** There are also: 6 different Gate Lines for each of the 64 gates, 34 Channels as well as 3 Circuits and 7 Sub-circuits.

You might wonder what the heck do all these lines, colors, triangles etc. mean & how the hell would this help you understand yourself, never mind be used to help you master yourself. This is where I come in 😉


Ordering a Report

You have two options to make:

  1. Your Foundation Report (see below)
  2. Your Advanced Report (see below)

*** Foundation Report

Ordering your report from me, I will provide you with your chart & the interpretations of everything you need to know starting with the basics (SEE LIST BELOW) these are the MAJOR components everyone needs to know to understand themselves better:

  1. Your Types – there are 5 types
  2. Your Strategy – follow this and everything will simply fall into place
  3. Your Conditioning/”Not-self” Theme – what happens you do not live according to your Human Design strategy
  4. Your Definition – there are 5
  5. Your personality profile – there are 12 profiles
  6. Your Authority – inner or outer
  7. 9 Energy centers – which are open or defined
  8. What are your strengths & weaknesses

The foundation report is more than enough for you to get started on understanding and mastering yourself. The advanced report can get really complex & many might not understand it. You will need a good understanding of astrology, planets, north and south node.

However if interested in ordering an advanced report this is what it will entail:

Advanced Report

Once the foundations are addressed I will also provide you with the followings:

  1. 64 Gates – which of these gates (themes) are very strong and important for you to take into account in your day to day life
  2. What kind of Aura you have – & I do NOT mean color as this can change from time to time but the Aura you were born with
  3. Which of the 36 Channels have you activated – revealing your character blueprint
  4. What is your role in this life
  5. How your type & profile affects your interaction with others
  6. How to not deplete your own energy living your day to day
  7. Provide you with detailed information on both your conscious & unconscious aspects of yourself

In summary, you can say that the report I will provide you with can be used as a manual to help you navigate your life perfectly aligned with who you are.

  • Foundation report 
  • Advanced Report 

If interested please send me an email @ arwa-992@live.com.

Also if you haven’t yet, make sure you check out the services I am offering right now (for more info click on each):

Have a beautiful day everyone,

Arwa – Usui & Karuna Ki Reiki Master Practitioner, Cert. Natural Healer. MRes Psychology Graduate, Holistic Nutritional Therapist, Card Reader & Blogger.