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Have you ever considered asking yourself this question? What is my period trying to tell me??

Truth is, our body is always trying to communicate with us, ALWAYS!!! From the food cravings we have, to the dis-eases WE create, how we feel, how we look aka our skin, & so on…  Well our period ladies is no different.

Every month we have this gift to shed toxins, to take a break & pause, to go within & reflect, & a time to examine our health through various ways but one of them is what I will discuss in this post – your blood.

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  2. Menstrual Phase (1st phase Day 1-7)
  3. Follicular Phase (2nd phases 7-14)
  4. Ovulation Phase (3rd phase 14-21)
  5. Luteal Phase (4th phase 22-28)


Variations in your menstrual flow can be excellent ways for you to see what’s going on with estrogen and progesterone and gauge your overall hormonal balance. If you use tampons, give yourself a break from tampons at night so you can observe the quality of your flow (I am not going to talk about that here, but I would advise you to switch to organic tampons if you are a regular tampon user).


So what can you notice & what is your body trying to tell you during menstruation …

Brown stains: If you period begins with a day or a few of this, it’s an indication of some blood stagnation due to lower progesterone levels. When progesterone is low, you may also be noticing that your cycle doesn’t start on time and though you may ovulate on time, your luteal phase is much longer than it should be.


But what is progesterone?

PROGESTERONE is one of the female sex hormones produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands. It plays an important role in maintaining a pregnancy. As well as helping to sustain pregnancy it also regulates the monthly menstrual cycle.

Even if you are currently not trying to get pregnant it is important to make sure that you are responding to any problems your body might be going through, to avoid problems in the future when you decide to have a baby!



Dark red or black clots:

Large or small, this is another indication of lower progesterone, elevated estrogen, and congestion in the uterus. Dong quai is an excellent herbal support to reduce clotting, as well as uterine massage or acupuncture to help break up any adhesions that may be impeding blood flow.


What is estrogen & it’s function?

The primary function of estrogens is development of female secondary sexual characteristics. These includes breasts, endometrium, regulation of the menstrual cycle etc. In males estrogen helps in maturation of the sperm and maintenance of a healthy libido.

Heavy bleeding: You go through a tampon an hour and a pad. You feel like you are bleeding out. This can be a sign of fibroids or polyps and it’s important to visit your gynecologist to be examined. Focus on fiber here to help improve estrogen metabolism so the uterus is less stimulated during your cycle. Ward off potential anemia by eating plenty of beets to replenish your blood and supplementing with vitamin B12.


Short bleeding: Have you been feeling good about your period only lasting a day or two? It can indicate both extremely low estrogen and progesterone, which could be coming from key nutrient deficiencies and adrenal burnout.


Very frequent bleeds: Do you feel like you’re getting your period twice a month or all month long without a break? This is usually due to a sluggish thyroid and it would be great for you to have your thyroid levels checked to know what you’re working with.


If you are experiencing any of the above regularly, please do listen to your body & make sure you are doing something about it, I believe all are things you can fix by make lifestyle changes – but 1st let’s strive to become more aware of our own body !!


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