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Different types of Cervical discharge & what each means


Different Types of Discharge & what each means

Let’s hope you noticed that there are different types of discharge coming out of your yoni lol, but did you know that each indicate a different thing?

Below is a what each different type of cervical fluid mean …

 & here’s a general pattern starting from right after your period ends:

  1. Dry
  2. Wet
  3. Sticky/Rubbery
  4. Creamy (lotion/milky)
  5. Eggwhite (stretchy, clear) *** OVULATION
  6. Dry
  7. Wet (right before menstruation)

& then cycle repeats.

Did you notice how several hours before your period starts, you might notice a wet sensation but no blood. Water is the first thing your uterine lining sheds, & the rest of the lining will soon follow. The amount of times I ran to the toilet thinking I just got my period but then there was nothing… now I know it is pre-shedding of water, a signal our body gives us few hours before the big event! lol

*** This will obviously not occur if you are on the pill as the hormonal pill stops your body from ovulating.

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