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Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia and means “sacred space”. Its symbol has been worshiped in Eastern culture since ancient times for bestowing life, creativity and love.

What are Yoni Eggs?  Yoni eggs are gemstones carved especially for female Yoni. Yes these eggs are made to be inserted into the vagina! Most people would think these are made to strengthen the vaginal muscles & make you tighter – which is TRUE but the benefits of these precious gemstones are actually endless! You can read more about what Yoni eggs are here, “introduction to Yoni Eggs”.

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But this post i am addressing the benefits of the Agate Yoni egg 🙂


Agate is great for women who are high-strung, quick-tempered, and seeking to ground their energetic projection. Agate can be used to calm irritability, hormonal fluctuations, and a hyper solar plexus or sacral chakra. This stone is wonderful for women wanting to slow down and feel their sensual flow again. Agate helps calm down the aggression of the heart and convert it into love. Agate is great for women who desire to heal relationship or sexual trauma. This grounding stone: 

  • Settles and soothes physical energy 
  • Tranquilizes a heavy heart 
  • Softens anger or aggression
  • Helps start anew for fresh beginnings 
  • Inspires clarity of thought 
  • Motivates a gentle outlook 
  • Creates stability 
  • Promotes peaceful contemplation 
  • Transforms traumatic energy into rejuvenated energy 
  • Generates greater flow of circulation to the womb 
  • Enhances spiritual and sexual balance 
  • Opens clairvoyance from a position of orgasmic power 
  • Stimulates memory 
  • Overcomes bitterness and a hurt heart 
  • Heals anger and stimulates courage 
  • Is useful for trauma 
  • Encourages contemplation of your sexual and spiritual growth
  • allows you to stay grounded during stressful or emotional times.
  • Heals blood disorder & excessive bleeding
  • Assists with eating disorder
  • Base & sacral Chakra
  • Courage 
  • Removes negativity
  • Strength
  • Protection
  • Root Chakra
  • Assists in physical energy

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Arwa Ali –  Reiki Master Practitioner, Cert. Natural Healer. Psychology Graduate, Holistic Nutritional Therapist, Card Reader & Blogger.


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