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Hey beautiful people, I hope you’re all doing great ! It’s been a while since I blogged & shared my knowledge online, & I’ve missed it. looking back at this blog & all the information I’ve shared over the years, brings me so much joy & memories! some painful some good, but most importantly it shows me, how much i’ve grown & transformed.

I truly hope some of you might still see & read this, because I am back to share knowledge with you, things that have helped me & I believe will help you too.

I’ve been working on sharing this for a while, but honestly, It’s been a very long time since, I shared myself with the world & beside forgetting how to, i’ve experienced a betrayal that have honestly made me not see purpose in a lot of things. But I don’t want to talk about that, I am working very hard, to change, heal & get back to writing & being of service, because the truth is, that’s my purpose. I am here to teach & I will always be teaching.

I just want to drop here & say, that I have a new website, Astro Arwa. I’ve decided to create a new site just for Astrology & I hope you come & check it out, click here.

I am linking the sites together, because it is all related. This website, has always been about Health, initially through food, and eventually expanding to becoming a Holistic Blog, including emotional & spiritual health. Astrology is precisely that, I never thought I would end up doing Astrology, but if you it makes completed since. I started with psychology degree, I then dived into Nutrition and health as I’ve been dealign with health problems since I was a baby! I then found healing through yoga, which I believe open me up to spirituality, had my spiritual awakening, completed my Reiki training & now I am bringing up all my knowledge through Astrology as I found this to be the most powerful & accurate tool that is WHOLE & COMPLETE.

To start with, perhaps you would find the following blogs useful to guide you:

I hope you enjoyed this & I hope I see you in Astro Arwa too!

Lots of Love,

Arwa Ali X

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