Hello! My name is Arwa and I am a 23 year old girl who loves food more than anything! As a teenager I was overweight, no SERIOUSLY I was overweight at 13 and unhealthy and people laughed, bullied and mocked me for it but I didn’t care CAUSE I LOVED FOOD TOO MUCH!

Back then food was worth the struggle! It was not until the last 2 years that I realised that I actually LOVE healthy food. You know, the kind of food that makes me feel good, food that makes me feel energetic, food that makes my hair and skin glow. That kind of food which is best for my OWN body, my health, mind and spirit.

In this blog I will share with you my story, why I choose to eat healthy, what is healthy to me, food recipes (Gluten free ones), health tips and advice I have for anyone out there and especially those who are struggling with acne (& bad skin in general), hair loss (I use to have alopecia by the way!), issues with losing weight and people who struggle to go to the toilet for a nice easy poop without having to squat on the toilet seat – I am not going to lie though, I still do that sometimes! 🙂